PanGP: Pan-Genome Profile Analyze Tool
Download PanGP software and test data
Version: PanGP 1.0.1
The source code is available as a zip file (274.7 kB, md5sum:f4a76512b9b89a836dbb65a889d08590) or a tar.gz file (256.3 kB, md5sum:abc99e6e76df95d793ad72897bd23b1c). Please refer the installation method to complie the source code.
The test data is available as a zip file (7.9 MB, md5sum:446d4c85308e339ac688e4e6f9b58721) or a tar.gz file (7.9 MB, md5sum:012851657925c2b48b33441144d7a6ee). The data are consisted of 0/1 matrix file(.matrix), gene cluster file(.cluster) and pan-genome data(.PanGenomeData.txt).
Old Versions
All older versions of PanGP are available in the archive.
Installation for PanGP
If you are using the pre-complied program, you could skip this installation section.
For windows users, if the pre-complied program could not work, please contact with us. For users owith other operating system, such as Lixu,Mac OS and so on, If the pre-complied programs could be run on your system, you could complie PanGP with the following instruction. Before Installation, you need to known that, the following programs are required to complie PanGP:
Qt5.0.2 libraries are required for PanGP, and please install Qt5.0.2 libraries before compiling PanGP. The Qt5.0.2 libraries could be freely dowanloaded. You could install Qt5.0.2 libraries with cmamnand line, and the source code was available here . Or you could install Qt5.0.2 libraries with graphic interface, and the code package for different platforms were available here .
Finally, please DO NOT forget to add the bin and lib directory into the Environment Variables.
For Linux OS, such as ubuntu, fedora, and so on, please to install gcc-c++(g++) to prepare C++ compiler. For Mac OS, please install Clang to prepare C++ compiler.
# qmake -makefile -o Makefile
# make